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Noah Simring and Aaron Bernstein, New York
Sometimes: Steve Koekemoer, New Jersey

Cassette Recordings (January 2003-January 2004)
Total Length:  52:19
Side A:  26:49
Side B:  25:30


Microphones: Two Studio Projects T3's, Shure SM58's
Tape Recorders: Tascam Porta02, Panasonic w/ built in mic, Sherwood Dual Cassette (for compiling), ATR-102
Amplifiers:  Gibson GA35-RVT, Epiphone solid state bass amp
Guitars:  Richard Baxt Telecaster (NLS), Fender Japan Stratocaster (AHB), Yamaha acoustic (with and without Dean Markley Stethoscope), Squier ProTone bass (5-NLS)
Effects:  Analog.Man Chorus used on vocals once
Pre-mastered by Mike Iurato at Jigsaw Sound (
Mastered by Kevin Gray at Acoustech Mastering
Pressed at RecordTech on 120g vinyl
Jackets printed by Starshaped Press
Labels printed by David Hamlett
Maia Bernstein is our Elected Something or other.
We recorded it on two-track cassette (except for song #5 recorded on four tracks, some others recorded in mono), sequenced onto another cassette, recorded onto 1/2" tape with some slight alterations, mastered to lacquer. The album plays best at approx. 32rpm.
All of it was written and performed by Noah Simring and Aaron Bernstein.
Completed on August 25, 2004
Here is a song recorded January 2004. It is one of the first songs on the album.

High Wire By Night (January-March 2005)
Approximate Length:  32:16
Side A:  14:54
Gloves, Last Leg, Wash, Wire, Ghost in the Mirror
Side B:  17:22
By Night, Setting, Hands, Left


Microphones: Studio Projects T3 (Omni) for drum room, Gefell PM750 sometimes on guitar and voice, Neumann U67 on voice two songs, and the rest of the Seaside Lounge collection for everything else. The EV664 was used excessively on voice. The MD421 was used on guitar amp almost always.
Tape Recorders: 3M M56 2" 16-track, Ampex 440 1/4" 2-track for mixing
Amplifiers: Gibson stereo amp and Kustom 200B bass amp
Guitars: Teisco May Queen (1,2,4,6,8,9), Fender Japanese Stratocaster from 1987 (3,7), Kay acoustic, Magnatone Hurricane (1-4, 6-9)
Effects: EH Hot Tubes (3,7)
Recorded by Jeremy Snyder (1,3,4,6,7,9r) Jan 3+4 and Charles Burst (2,5,8,9m) Mar 20, 2005 at Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn, NY
Mastered to Lacquer by Rogel Seibel at SAE
Plated and pressed at RTI
Labels printed by David Hamlett
Cover taken from NASA; Heliotype by J. Nasmyth
Written and performed by Noah Lior Simring and Aaron Hillsberg Bernstein with:
Drums on 2 and 8 by Steve Koekemoer, Drums on 3, 4, 7 and 9 by Jeremy Snyder
Completed on November 10, 2005

7/20/06-The order of albums has been rearranged. The next album to be pressed is called "Shadow Mass," compiled in the last few weeks. The order of side A will be Here Lies (12/23/05), Awkward (12-23-05), Sunrise (1-4-06), Sending (1-10-06), Lingering (1-03-05). Side B will consist of Grass (1-03-06), A Footfall by the Door (1-10-06), Iron (12-23-05), From Dark with Light (11-10-05). The tapes have been compiled in this order, and all other versions of Shadow Mass/Silver Shadow are not currently in consideration. Shadow Mass will take on the catalog number GC3, replacing Cars of Europe, until further notice. Throwing Speed will follow Shadow Mass as GC4.

Shadow Mass
Side A
Here Lies, Awkward, Sunrise, Sending, Lingering
Side B
Grass, A Footfall by the Door, Iron, From Dark With Light

All songs written and performed by Noah Simring and Aaron Bernstein except "From Dark with Light" by Noah Simring. Recorded by Noah Simring with two Studio Projects T3's on the Revox A77 except "Lingering" recorded by Jeremy Snyder at Seaside Lounge.

Throwing Speed (Early 2004 (7), August 18 and mid-October, 2005, January 10, 2006 (2))
Approximate Length:  48:13
Side A:  23:42
Serum, Reacquainted, If You Saw Her, Sunset, Behind the Wheel, Lever, Noids & Vens
Side B:  24:31
Sister, Any Likeness, Cruel, Flutter, By Letter


Microphones: Two Earthworks TC30K (1,3-6, 8-12), Two Studio Projects T3's, maybe omnis, maybe figure 8's, maybe (2,7)
Tape Recorder: Revox A77
Guitars: Teisco May Queen, Fender Japan Strat (4,11), Fender Mexican Strat (2), Yamaha acoustic (7)
Amplifier: Gibson GA35-RVT
Drums: Various boxes, cases, and the cymbal; The drumset for #7 includes a door and a window sill. All songs were recorded with two microphones and two guys.

Cars of Europe (July 2, 2005)
Approximate Length:  31:19
Side A:  16:29
Yarn and Webbing, 5555, A Bicycle Ride in Bruges, Kilter Slant
Side B:  14:50
Pearl Necklace, Fords of Europe, Roadmeal, Red Light


Microphones: Two Studio Projects T3's, Three Shure SM58's, Uher dynamic
Guitars: Teisco May Queen (AHB), Fender Japanese Stratocaster (NLS), Magnatone Hurricane (A-NLS, B-AHB)
Drums: Any Box in sight, a hand drum which was demolished during recording, and a Zildjian crash cymbal. The kick drum sound was made by putting a leather bag on the EH box and recording the sound from within. (A-AHB, B-NLS)
Amplifiers: Gibson GA35-RVT, Univox
Distortion: EH Hot Tubes on the Stratocaster
Recorded similarly to the first album but with some differences. One channel has three scattered dynamic mics and an omni T3 mixed into it, and the other has a cardioid T3 set in front of the amps. Drums and bass were dubbed over guitars and vocals in such a way that only the drummer could hear what was already recorded. The four-track cassette recording was mixed to the Revox A77. All songs by Simring and Bernstein.
not yet pressed

Fountains of Rome/Luminosity
Side A
Fountains of Rome, Goddess, A Step, Home, In Between, Shade
Side B
Roof, In Light, At the Place, Anyone, Staring, A Message from Above

Side A is the complete Fountains of Rome, recorded March 24th, 2006. Side B is a collection of songs from Luminosity, recorded March 25th, 2006. Dubbing from cassette to 1/4" was completed on July 26.

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Noah and Aaron under the influence of winter's white night, January 2006.